Government Liaison - Hidden Ace


My brother is the leader of the Purple Platypus Party.


Everyone who has signed a peace document in the past has agreed to enforce all of the peace documents signed. To break the peace means to earn the ire of some of the most vicious people in the world.


I'm a master at stealth and poisons. Disputing leaders have a habit of mysteriously dying when I come to town, allowing me to work with the seconds, or thirds, or however many it takes.


I saved a Faerie Dragon's life years ago. This violate dragon has a tendency to breath euphoric gas into our meetings to ease negotiations. It also places suggestions in the minds of those I'm working with.


I am Chairman of the Tradesman's Guilds. To make me mad is to be cut off from all of the working class in the area. Once I've declared you anathema, no one will sell you food, clothes, lodging, pottery, etc.


I'm the King's Son. If you don't work with me... you will work with the Royal Army.