Chef - Brigade de Cuisine


Chef de Cuisine or Sous Chef, Manages the kitchen and its staff. The Chef de Cuisine is typically authorized to write and alter the menu, while a sous chef is just a manager.


Chef de Partie, Manages a portion of the kitchen staff if the team is very large. Examples include Rôtisseur (roast cook), Entremetier (entrée preparer), and Pâtissier (pastry cook). If they do the work themselves, they are called a demi-chef.


Cuisinier, An cook in an independent position which requires no team or division of oversight, so are generally superior to cuisiniers de parti, but subordinate to all chefs. Examples include, Saucier (saucemaker), Poissonnier (fishcook), Boucher (butcher), and Communard (Kitchen staff meal cook).


Cuisinier de Parti, A subordinate to a chef in a particular area of the kitchen. The Grillardin (grill cook) and Friturier (fry cook) answer to the Rôtisseur. The Potager (soup cook) and Legumier (vegetable cook) answer to the Entremetier. The Confiseur (candy maker), Glacier (frozen desert maker), Décorateur (desert decorator), and Boulanger (baker) answer to the Pâtissier.


Apprentice or Commis, Generally an assistant, they look after the cooking equipment, not the food. A successful apprentice becomes a commis, who eventually takes on higher responsibilities.


Kitchen Staff, These positions deal with other tasks around the kitchen, and include the Garde Manger (pantry supervisor), Aboyeur (announcer/expediter), Tournant (spare hand/roundsman), Garçon de cuisine (kitchen boy), and Plongeur/Marmiton or Porter (dish/pot washer). All of these positions are known to be enlisted to do basic/menial food preparation.