Professor - Personality


I live for knowledge. There is nothing better than an interesting conversation.


Who needs people when you have books? I can spend my whole life and still not finish reading all of these, I don't have time to waste on people.


What is the use of knowledge if we never use it? I want to be down in the nitty gritty of studies. I want to be solving real problems of real people.


We are stronger together. Through collaboration we can discover things that our fore-fathers never dreamed of.


I am very opinionated and outspoken. If you get me going I will talk until the cows come home... and leave again in the morning.


I care deeply for my students and work hard to teach them and raise them up.


I have bigger aspirations than this classroom. One day my research will be completed and I will head back out into the world. Until then I will deal with these snotty kids as best as I can.


I am all about fame and fortune. I seek the biggest name I can get.