Demon Hunter - Flaw


My hatred for the infernal burns so hot that I'm liable to attack first and size up the demons strength by how hard it hits back.


I love my trophy collection and constantly show it off. Unfortunately most people don't like seeing cut up pieces of demons.


I have a one track mind, so once I take an bounty, I will focus everything I have until I manage to kill it.


I have slain so many demons that their blood has changed my own scent. Sometimes I wonder if I'm hunting them, or if the smell attracts them to me, even ones too powerful for me to be able to fight.


I have been cheated out of payments way too often. Cash first please.


Sometimes the best payments are from deals with demons to slay their rivals. The largest pile of coins speaks loudest after all.


A little bit of liquid courage is never a bad thing, especially before facing off with truly terrifying enemies.