Demon Hunter - Bond


It is all about the team I work with. There is no way I could have accomplished the things in the past without my fellow demon hunters, now I will serve this team just as loyally.


When I was young, my parents did not believe me about the monster under the bed. It grew up and killed my family, now I will kill all of its family.


One time we refused to slay a demon until we had been paid. The demon slaughtered an orphanage the night before their loan arrived. I will never let that happen again.


My Random - Family Member was slain by a demon. All I have left to remember them by is Random - Trinket .


I have a map that supposed leads to the "bane of demon kind". I will find it and master it, if only I could figure out what this bizarre map even meant!


One of the demons we slayed swallowed a key right before he died. It was difficult, but we dug the key out of its belly. I believe that this key will somehow aid in the war against demons.