Demon Hunter - Personality


I seek out danger for the thrill that runs through my veins when I stare death in the face.


When I look in a child's terrorized face, it breaks something inside of me. There is no way I can let anything terrorize a city.


The praise they give when I return to town with a trophy. The way the young ladies swoon at my tales of courage. True life is living it up in the eyes of others.


My body is covered in scars of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each one has an epic tale behind it. For instance, this strange crescent shaped on...


Nothing raises a party's courage quite so much as singing as you face off something terrifying You just cannot be afraid while belting out a battle song.


My job is dark and messy. Most of it should be left unsaid. All you need to know is the job is done.


I've cradled countless numbers as my friends as they have drawn their last breath. It is an occupational hazard.


I will live to see the infernal houses fall. Demons have no place in our world.