Blacksmith - Ideal


Quality - Everything I make and do must be the best I can do. (Lawful)


Purity - Just as I try to keep my metal pure from imperfections, I try to keep my life above reproach. (Good)


Honor - A man is only as good as his word, I will back mine with my life. This means I must be careful of the promises I make because it is almost impossible to break one. (Lawful)


Energy - The dancing of the flames in the forge also dances in my heart. I love to expend energy and do things, even if they are unexpected. Who knows where I will go? (Chaotic)


Power - With greater weapons comes greater power. As I get better I will fashion an army and all will fear me. (Evil)


Discipline - I work hard and whatever I set out to do I accomplish. From the forge to life I excel at everything I try. (Any)