Blacksmith - Personality


You are a workman who dives deeply into your work. Whatever you focus on is all there is, you loose sight of everything else.


You do not like being disturbed from a task and tend to lash out against whoever disturbed you. Sometimes you even hit them before realizing they are a friend.


You are a calm person normally, but if someone threatens your friends or family they will encounter a passionate fury that outshines the sun.


You are fascinated by things you do not understand and seek out how they work. When you encounter a newfangled thing you long to get back to your forge and try to make one like it.


You enjoy working for those who ask you nicely but to those who think they can order you to do something they have another thing coming! The stronger the command the deeper you dig your heals in.


Although you grew up in the forge, you have wanderlust and seek adventure. Exploring the city has not been enough to do more than wet your appetite, you want to see what the adventurers in the taverns speak of.


You potential beauty in broken and shattered things. You enjoy reforging metal from broken pots and pans and turning them into something beautiful.


You despise death and bloodshed, but understand the need for self-defense. You are careful about who you sell weapons to because you do not want them to be used lightly.