Artist - Personality


I try to be unpredictable, so no one will ever know what I'm going to create next. My creativity requires that I often live outside of the box.


I look at the ceiling every time I enter a room. Some of the greatest open places to paint are on the ceilings. Few people think of decorating them so they end up being huge pallets that I can fill with art.


If I must live this life I will truly LIVE. There is no reason for me to worry about what I'll eat, or where I'll live. Those things will take care of themselves. What really matters to me is doing what I love. My artwork is its own reward.


My journeys have taken me far and wide searching for the greatest subjects to paint and sculpt. I am more accustomed to life on the road or underground than in a settlement or my actual "home".


I am constantly plotting revenge, coming up with and discarding ridiculous plots. Some of my most ridiculous end up making paintings and statues which no one ever sees coming.


Drinking on the job is never a problem. It adds a flair of inspiration that I find stunning... even if most people are too naive to recognize it.


I understand that sometimes a little bit of flirting goes a long way. When I have a piece to sell a wink and a smile can often close the deal.


I like to study how other people act, to see if they might be hiding secrets, like I am.