Anchorite - Flaw


I am almost dangerously greedy. Forests have much power for us to pull and exploit. It may take time for the forest to heal, but my immediate profit is worth it.


My pet bear fell fighting poachers alongside me; I am reluctant to fight alongside others now. I never want to face that pain of loss again.


The woods are my home. I will only leave them in times of great need, and will long for my return to them.


I was deap in the woods enjoying the beauty of a quite spring, when goblins attacked my home and slew my husband and child. Had I been there, I might have been able to protect them.


I have a marked speech that identifies me as low class.


Plants are the rightful citizens of this planet. We are merely guests passing by, while the might oak will endure. Anyone who murders such a majestic creature deserves to die.