Anchorite - Bond


A few months ago, I came across a sensless kill. The pour dear had been slaughtered, yet nothing had been taken except for the horns. The brutal hunter who killed mearly for sport, deserves to die a painful death.


I have an elegant locket which hides a fine key in a tiny hidden compartment. I don't know why my Random - Family Member gave it to me but I will seek that answer no matter how long it takes.


My neice has an affinity with the woods. When she visits, the birds sing louder and land up on her sholders. Wild animals will willingly come close enough for her to scratch them behind the ears. Her parents are city folk that don't understand just how special she is. I will see her reach her full potential.


Nature is a thing of balance. Any beast that tries to go on its own, will soon find itself overwhelmed. I have grown to trust those who fight beside. I believe they are worth dying to protect.


I have a best friend that I grew up with. He has saved my life more times than I can count and I have saved his several as well. I have not seen him in a few years but long to be reunited. (work with GM to create this npc)


Seeing the world is as valuable as gold. Who knows what exotic plants and animals I may make friends with in the distant lands.