Adventurer - Bond


The things I have with me are everything I have and everything I am.


Years ago, a traveling adventurer came and stayed with my parents for a night. She was just passing through, and they begged her to take care of a cave filled with goblins at the end of our fields. She left right before dusk, and I snuck out after her. She made the work look easy, almost fun. Near the end I crept in. I did not notice the goblin cowering next to the door, but I saw her spin around and throw a glowing knife at me. It barely missed and as I ducked and rolled I saw the knife protruding out of the eye of the goblin who had been right behind me. That day I learned that adventurers are meant to guard and protect.


I am on a quest to obtain some rare or important object.


I can never linger anywhere for too long, or my secret will catch up with me.


I cannot remember my past before I was an adventurer. I must discover where I came from.


I need to be the most famous adventurer alive.