Acrobat - Bond


I lost my family when I was little. A traveling circus took me in. There is no way I can ever repay them, but I will do anything in my power to try.


Growing up with traveling circus can be quite trying. There are times when you don't know where your next meal will come from. Throughout my trials, I had a best friend. We shared everything together. As the years past, we saved each other on numerous occasions. Even though I have not seen her for a few years, I believe our bond is one that even time cannot break.


Something bad happened to my Random - Family Member. I believe it was foul play and will go to the end of the earth to bring justice.


My mentor gave me a set of juggling pins when she first took me in. I still have them, and they remind me of the carefree times of that golden age.


My troop stood with me through some really hard times. If there is ever a way I can help them I will go far out of my way to aid them.


I love balancing on the edge of high places, pushing myself to my absolute limits. Some may say that I am seeking death, but I see it as seeking life. I want to live life to its fullest, even if that means walking a narrow line between life and death.