Acrobat - Personality


I am bright and cheerful with a personality that draws the crowd into my performance.


I am extremely focused. In my line of work to loose focus is to plummet and die.


I enjoy and appreciate others. Having a crowd that loves to watch me is a privilege and a responsibility that I do not take lightly.


I am always looking for the next sucker I can wow and dazzle to get their coin.


I am all about fame and fortune. I seek the biggest name I can get.


I came from a modest family and am always seeking to give back to those less fortunate than me.


I love crowds. From the colors to the variety of races. The more people who are around the more excited I become. I may not appreciate a troll's distinctive smell, but even they add a unique component to interactions which I enjoy.


I am terribly shy and only open up to those I trust greatly. I listen far more than I speak and want to have time to contemplate everything I take in.