Large Weapon Master

Prerequisite: Strength or Dexterity 15 or higher

Your skills in combat have allowed you to use weapons not made for creatures your size.

  • When you take this feat, choose one melee weapon. You must be proficient with this weapon, and it cannot have the reach or heavy properties. You can wield a Large version of this weapon without disadvantage. You cannot use the thrown property of a large weapon, but all other properties (finesse, versatile, and two-handed) apply as with a regular weapon. You cannot dual wield while using a Large weapon.
  • Attacking with a Large weapon requires additional strength beyond a normal weapon. On a turn where you attack with a Large weapon, you cannot use a bonus action. You may still use all attacks you get from a normal Attack action, as well as any granted by abilities, such as Horde-breaker.
  • When using a Large weapon, you deal 1 additional damage die of the weapon's usual type. For example, a Large handaxe would deal 2d6 instead of 1d6.
  • You may take this feat multiple times, choosing a different weapon each time. You may also take the same weapon a second time to regain use of your bonus action.

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