Prerequisite: Intelligence or Wisdom 13 or higher

You are an expert at helping a body heal itself.

  • You may tend to up to 6 creatures over the course of a short rest as 'light work'. Creatures you tend to may use your proficiency bonus in place of their constitution modifier when they expend hit dice to regain hit points.
  • As an action you may expend a use of a healers kit to tend to a creature and end one non-magical disease or condition affecting that creature, or restore the creature's hit point maximum to its original value (in case it was reduced by attacks such as a specter'sLife Drain). The condition can be Blinded, Deafened, Paralyzed or Poisoned. Conditions from permanent injuries cannot be removed until the injury is cured. The creature cannot benefit from this feat again until it finishes a short or long rest.
  • You may use 5 minutes to examine an individual. This allows you to identify one poison or disease affecting that creature that you were previously unaware of. You must be within 5 feet of the creature and be able to clearly see the target.
  • If you take an hour each day to tend to a creature while they are recovering, that creatures recovery time is reduced by half.

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