Archery Champion

Prerequisite: Dexterity 13 or higher, no spellcasting

A lifetime spent with the bow has brought certain advantages. You triumphed in countless contests of archery and have learned to use your bow to its fullest. There are times when you see your friends casting spells, and you wonder what may have been, but you have accepted your place as part of your bow.

  • When you make a ranged attack with the weapon against targets who have disadvantage on Dexterity checks or Dexterity saving throws, add your Strength modifier to the attack roll.
  • You have learned to use your bow in acrobatic maneuvers. You can add your proficiency bonus for Acrobatics checks made while carrying a shortbow or longbow. If you are already proficient in Acrobatics, you can instead add double your proficiency bonus.
  • You can attempt to intercept an opponent's ranged weapon attack with one of your own. When a creature that you can see makes a ranged weapon attack against another creature that you can see, you can use your reaction to make a ranged attack with your weapon against the opponent's projectile. The projectile's AC is equal to the opponent's attack roll plus 5. On a hit, the opponent's attack misses. (Boulders hurled by giants or siege engines, and similar projectiles, are unaffected)

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