Urban Vigilante

Urban Vigilante - Traits

You have witnessed the worst of what your home's criminal element has to offer and have decided to take the law into your own hands. Are you a nobleman dismayed at the suffering of the lower classes and frustrated that your money alone cannot save them? A street child that witnessed the murder of his family and swore revenge? A lone crusader against a corrupt system? Even a former criminal seeking redemption? Regardless of your traumatic inspiration you now seek justice outside the confines of the law; will you become a symbol of hope for the downtrodden? Or will you become a cautionary tale to strike fear into the cowardly and superstitious criminals of your world?

Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Deception
Languages: Choice
Tool Proficiencies: Thieves' Tools
Equipment: A mask, hood or other method of concealing your identity; a set of thieves' tools; a set of common clothes and a coin pouch containing 15 GP.

My City

Your city is a living organism and you are its heartbeat. You know every brick, paving stone and shadow. Within the city you have a contact either within law enforcement or within the criminal underground and have common to uncommon knowledge of the city like alleys and hidden routes.

Suggested Characteristics

A Urban Vigilante typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never let my emotions control me.
2I am a man without fear; no matter the risks apparent in a situation, I do what is needed.
3I cannot resist an opportunity to mock my opponent with a quip or joke, even during combat.
4I feel great empathy towards the plight of all living things.
5My civilian identity is my true mask and behaves in the opposite manner to that of my masked alter-ego.
6I have seen the corruption in the upper echelons of society, only the poor are truly trustworthy and deserving of saving.
7I cannot resist the urge to show off how superior I am in my crime-fighting capabilities; I feel the need to explain how I have brilliantly solved a mystery or leave my mark at a crime scene so that everyone knows I have saved the day.
8I face problems head on, there is no time to lose in life or death situations.

1Greater Good - I will lay down my life in defense of others, whether they be innocent or criminals. (Good)
2One Rule - I have a code of conduct I follow to the letter. Otherwise I'd be no better than those I put away. (Lawful)
3Maverick - The system is broken, I am justice. (Chaotic)
4Avenger - I will end anyone who gets in the way of my vengeance. (Evil)
5Daredevil - I do it for the thrill and infamy. If I can do some good while I'm at it, good for me I guess. (Neutral)
6Not in My City - This city needs a bit of a clean up, and I'm the guy to do it (Any)

1I made an oath over the graves of my family to see justice done.
2I have a group of adoring fans that follow my crime-fighting acts with interest.
3I am in a crime fighting organization with other vigilantes in the area.
4I cannot give up my dual identity until my nemesis is brought to justice.
5I have a long time friend that supports my crime fighting and double life.
6I have a mentor that taught me the ropes. I'm still in contact with him.

1My partner fell fighting evil alongside me; I am reluctant to fight alongside others now.
2There is only the mission. I don't care about anything unimportant distractions like a having a social life, or sleeping or eating.
3I am a tad overzealous when doling out punishment.
4I have been doing this a long time, all others should follow my lead.
5I will sacrifice anyone and anything to achieve my goal.
6I trust no-one, I never reveal my true plan until it is absolutely necessary and then only the parts of it I must.

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