Spy - Traits


Spy - Mission

Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, Deception
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, Thieves' Tools
Equipment: A disguise kit, a set of thieves' tools, a set of common dark clothes, and a coin pouch containing 15 GP.

Echo of the Great Game

Years of stealth and trickery have taught you how to not draw attention to yourself. The way you walk, talk and move are deliberately forgettable, and utterly in-extraordinary. While you are wearing common clothes, no one can remember your face nor any features about you, unless they actively make an effort to do so.

In addition, you know how to write in a special code that can only be read by people trained to decipher it.

Suggested Characteristics

A Spy typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I always have an aloof smile plastered on my face, no matter the situation.
2I am uncomfortable in open spaces, where I'm too exposed.
3I change my attitude and personality to blend in with the people around me.
4I always check the escape routes of every building I enter.
5I have trouble trusting people, especially those closest to me.
6I have a habit of listening in on the conversations of others.
7I prefer not to talk unless it's necessary.
8I write anything I think is important in code.

1Exposure - The evils of the world must be exposed. (Good)
2Blackmail - Ooh, isn't this a dirty secret...? Shame if it fell into the wrong hands: mine. (Evil)
3Contract - The information is bound to the person who hires me, no one else may see it. (Lawful)
4The Game - If this came out to the public... That noble would be done for... That one too... Oh what fun! (Chaotic)
5Self - The information is good, coming out alive better, the coin I'll get from this, totally worth it. (Neutral)
6Knowledge - He knows something, and I need to know it too. (Any)

1I fell in love with someone I was spying on.
2I had some colleagues in a spy ring I used to be a part of that I trade information with from time to time.
3I have secrets that I've uncovered that should never see the light of day.
4One of my friends was hanged for treason. My helplessness to aid him still haunts me today.
5A good person was ruined with information I gathered on him. I am trying to atone.
6A servant in a castle saw me spying on her lord. I fled and hope I will never have to see her face again.

1I have no problem with betraying people who trust me.
2Some people want to kill me, to make sure I never tell a secret they'd rather have untold.
3I've worn so many disguises, I've lost sight of who I truly am.
4I never share secrets with anyone.
5I don't save people who can't save themselves. The Game is harsh and the stupid and flamboyant tend to die the first.
6I never forget an insult, and I bide my time for revenge.

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