Seamstress - Traits

With the needle and the loom have I labored and become quite skilled. If you need a new coat or a blanket I can make it.

Why did I become a seamstress? How long have I been in this career? Do I wish to be a seamstress the rest of my life?

Seamstress - Specialty

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Sleight of Hand
Languages: Elvish
Tool Proficiencies: Weaver's Tools
Equipment: A set of weaver's tools, a set of common clothing, and a coin pouch containing 15 GP.


Working with people's clothing gives you a whole new view of them. From the stain on the sleeve to the type of dust on the shoulder there is so much information available that most people pass over, but not you. If you can spend an hour or longer studying the clothing of an individual, including being able to pick it up and turn it over, then you learn where that piece of clothing has been over the last day.

Suggested Characteristics

A Seamstress typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I am full of stories from my old life, and am eager to share them.
2I give my two cents on everything.
3I set very high standards for myself, and expect others to follow my example.
4I'm always early to bed and early to rise.
5I always save up as much as I can, spending and consuming only what I must.
6I like to joke around and tell stories.
7It seems like I always try to strike up a conversation at the worst possible moment.
8I live for knowledge. There is nothing better than an interesting conversation.

1Simplicity - Life is meant to be simple. Who needs money or the things it can buy. (Any)
2Strictly Business - You get what you pay for and I can't help that. (Lawful)
3Revenge - I will make amends for what has been done to me, however I can. (Chaotic)
4It's a Living - I do what I'm good at because what I'm good at is good for me. (Neutral)
5Power - All who oppose me must be crushed under the weight of a thousand rumors! (Evil)
6Nobility - Protecting those that can not protect themselves, basically upholding the virtues that makes one Noble not the title of Noble birth. (Good)

1I can never linger anywhere for too long, or my secret will catch up to me.
2I crave people's praise and go out of my way to impress them.
3My honor is my life.
4I count myself as one of the rich and powerful, even though I have not found my fortune yet. It is just a matter of time.
5I'll never forget the family farm I grew up on.
6Someone of the same profession saved me or someone close to me, and I strive towards filling their enormous footsteps.

1I am so good at my job that the head of the sewing guild in my home city got jealous. He framed me and ran me out of town.
2I care only for my own authority.
3There is an intense rivalry between myself and a particular colleague, and it often clouds my judgment.
4I always say the truth when asked, even by an enemy.
5I am eternally pessimistic due to what seems like rotten luck.
6As a defense mechanism, I lie and misdirect everyone around me, and steal and hide anything I can.