Quartermaster - Traits

Armies may be powerful, but they usually fail not from weak strength, but from poor logistics. Your job is to keep the armor maintained and food in the belies. You take care of the logistical needs so that they can take care of the beheadings.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception
Languages: Choice
Tool Proficiencies: Chess Set
Equipment: A chess set, inventory, a set of common clothes, and a coin pouch containing 15 GP.

Logistical Advantage

Years of acquiring what is needed when it is needed has prepared you to find what you need. The following tables show the likelihood of finding what you are looking for based on the cost of the item you are searching for and the location you are searching in.


Cost of ItemTime of Search>FailSomething SimilarFound it
1 CP - 1 GP1 hour1-2021-3031-100
2 GP - 50 GP3 hours1-3031-3536-100
51 GP - 200 GP6 hours1-4041-4546-100
200 GP - 600 GP12 hours1-5051-5556-100
601 GP - 1,800 GP1 day1-7071-7576-100
1,801 GP - 5,400 GP3 days1-9091-99100
5,401 GP - 16,200 GP1 week1-9596-99100

Small City

Cost of ItemTime of Search>FailSomething SimilarFound it
1 CP - 1 GP1 hour1-1011-1516-100
2 GP - 50 GP3 hours1-2021-2526-100
51 GP - 200 GP6 hours1-3031-3536-100
201 GP - 600 GP12 hours1-4041-4546-100
601 GP - 1,800 GP1 day1-6061-6566-100
1,801 GP - 5,400 GP3 days1-8081-9596-100
5,401 GP - 16,200 GP1 week1-9091-9899-100

Medium City

Cost of ItemTime of Search>FailSomething SimilarFound it
1 CP - 1 GP1 hour1-56-1011-100
2 GP - 50 GP3 hours1-1011-1516-100
51 GP - 200 GP6 hours1-2021-2526-100
201 GP - 600 GP12 hours1-3031-3536-100
601 GP - 1,800 GP1 day1-5051-6061-100
1,801 GP - 5,400 GP3 days1-7071-9091-100
5,401 GP - 16,200 GP1 week1-8081-9596-100

Large City

Cost of ItemTime of Search>FailSomething SimilarFound it
1 CP - 1 GP1 hour1-23-89-100
2 GP - 50 GP3 hours1-56-1011-100
51 GP - 200 GP6 hours1-1011-1516-100
201 GP - 600 GP12 hours1-2021-2526-100
601 GP - 1,800 GP1 day1-4041-5051-100
1,801 GP - 5,400 GP3 days1-6061-8081-100
5,401 GP - 16,200 GP1 week1-7071-9091-100

Capital City

Cost of ItemTime of Search>FailSomething SimilarFound it
1 CP - 1 GP1 hour12-67-100
2 GP - 50 GP3 hours1-34-910-100
51 GP - 200 GP6 hours1-67-1213-100
201 GP - 600 GP12 hours1-1011-1516-100
601 GP - 1,800 GP1 day1-3031-3536-100
1,801 GP - 5,400 GP3 days1-5051-8081-100
5,401 GP - 16,200 GP1 week1-6061-9091-100

Suggested Characteristics

A Quartermaster typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I change my attitude and personality to blend in with the people around me.
2I have seen the corruption in the upper echelons of society, only the poor are truly trustworthy and deserving of saving.
3When insulted, I hurl even greater insults (or food) back.
4I am always on the lookout for something novel and exotic.
5I'm completely devoted to the job, even at the cost of my family and friends.
6I make incredibly poor jokes in an attempt to put others at ease.
7I speak in a dull monotone that is more likely to put others to sleep than to entertain them.
8I lead by example. First in in the morning and last out at night. When I set my mind to a task, the task is as good as done.

1Duty - My purpose is the continued peace and safety of my people. (Good)
2Hierarchy - I know my place. Know yours. (Lawful)
3The Game - Every moment of my life I have to make a choice. I'll never stop playing. (Any)
4Right - Everyone deserves to live. (Neutral)
5Revenge - I will make amends for what has been done to me, however I can. (Chaotic)
6Greed - I am only in it for the money. (Evil)

1All I am trying to do is provide for my family.
2The historical works of my race must be preserved for the enrichment of future generations.
3My son was sent to war and never returned. I must find him!
4I seek to protect something of great importance to me by keeping it a secret, so you better forget what you just heard.
5One of my friends was hanged for treason. My helplessness to aid him still haunts me today.
6I made an oath over the graves of my family to see justice done.

1I messed up a deal early in my career that earned me some enemies in powerful positions.
2There's no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.
3If I find someone smarter than me, I have to take them down.
4My parents cast a huge shadow and anywhere I go people have high expectations of you. If I bring shame on the family, they will respond against me.
5I think that my training has prepared me for everything. I go into meetings confident, even if I'm way out of my depth.
6As a defense mechanism, I lie and misdirect everyone around me, and steal and hide anything I can.