Monastic - Traits

At a young age you were brought to the monastery. You have little to no memory of your old life. You have trained with your brothers and sisters for as long as you can remember. This background is specific to Monks. It is for The Monk who has spent most of his childhood and all his adult life in the monastery. Work with your GM to flesh out your specific monastery. Add what races and Genders are members. Add its location and area of influence.

Monks tend to be quiet around strangers but within the walls of their monastery they tend to be a lot more open. Again this may depend on exactly what type of monastery the player and GM create (ie. vows of silence, monastic brewery, etc.)

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Perception
Languages: Choice
Tool Proficiencies: Brewer's Supplies
Equipment: A set of artisan's tools, monastic symbol (ie. beads, ring, amulet), yi (clothes), a coin pouch containing 15 GP.

Monastic Influence

While in the Area where the monastery has influence people will tend to be helpful and friendly to the monk and his party.

Suggested Characteristics

A Monastic typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I am like a leaf in the wind. I go where ever the road takes me. Life just "happens", and I am content to let it.
2I am as a mountain. I am hard and unmovable. I am the rock that my friends lean on, and I feel grounded that it is so.
3I am a peaceful forest lake. I am serene with my thoughts and my tranquility overflows unto those around me.
4I am the living flame. My fire and vigor ignites those around me.
5I am one with myself. I strive for balance in all things. I work hard but play just as hard.
6I am shattered. Something has happened that has shaken my beliefs and I will not find peace until I can face what has happened.
7I have never found a problem that a good boot to the head could not cure.
8I am a fraud. I pretend to feel all this spiritual stuff but it is beyond me. I can punch and kick with the best of them but all this inner peace stuff is just not happening. Oh well, maybe one day.

1Brotherhood - I never feel alone as long as I know my brothers (and/or sisters) are out there. (Any)
2Pacifist - My skills are only to be used for defense. I will not kill my opponent unless it is unavoidable. (Good)
3Traditions - I will uphold the traditions of my monastery and show respect to my masters and my brothers. (Lawful)
4Power - All this training and meditation is just a means to an end. (Evil)
5Unchained - I am a free spirit, roaming the land and bringing change. (Chaotic)
6Meditation - In order to understand the world, I must first understand myself. (Any)

1I have a duty to my order and will stand with them in all things.
2I have received enlightenment but the world is still in darkness. I must bring enlightenment to others.
3The strong have a duty to protect those who can not protect themselves.
4I lost a brother in battle and I feel it was my fault.
5I strive to bring balance to the land.
6I love my brothers but I can not help but wonder who my parents were or why they brought me to the monastery.

1I feel the need to meditate three times a day to purify my thoughts.
2I am extremely uncomfortable around (opposite sex, specific race, nobility, etc.)and find myself stammering, blushing, and loose all my composure.
3I panic in large cities and usually try to avoid them.
4I have no respect for those who do not respect themselves.
5I left my monastery after a bad argument with my master. I am NEVER going back.
6My way of peace and meditation is the only way. Those who travel with me must meditate with me at least once a day or I will refuse to help.

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