King in Disguise

King in Disguise - Traits

The character is a king, but has disguised themselves, normally for one of the following reasons

Reason for Disguise

King in Disguise - Reasons for exile

King in Disguise - what are you seeking?

Skill Proficiencies: History, Insight
Languages: Elvish, Dwarvish
Equipment: A book of philosophy, a royal signet ring (now most likely outlawed), a set of traveler's clothes, and a coin pouch containing 15 GP.

Those Who Remember

Not all were supportive of your dethronement. Somewhere there will be groups of those who recognize you and remember you fondly, whether they are peasants, a survived group of soldiers, or the ruler of a neighboring land. Any who remain loyal to you will secretly support you and your companions at a modest lifestyle. Your name might also be the key to opening doors. Furthermore, you can try to attract a group of followers who will keep you secret and defend you with their lives, but not go into situations for you that would risk their own lives. They might, however, with a successful Persuade test, be willing to help reclaim your throne.

Suggested Characteristics

A King in Disguise typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I give everybody the respect they deserve, even if they threaten my life.
2I often lament about the loss of my great dominion.
3I instinctively give orders instead of requests.
4I have put myself on the level of those around me: I'm not royalty anymore.
5I am constantly plotting revenge, coming up with and discarding ridiculous plots.
6I weigh my options very carefully before doing anything.
7To be honest, I am relieved not to have the responsibility of the crown anymore.
8My heart bleeds for the common people whom I now see face to face.

1Equality - I bleed red, too. I'm not more noble than anybody else. (Neutral)
2Respect - Everybody deserves to be considered, even the lowliest. (Good)
3Justice - I will see justice done; if not for me, then for the common folk. (Lawful)
4Domination - I may not rule from a throne, but I can still rule any I see. (Evil)
5Revenge - I will make amends for what has been done to me, however I can. (Chaotic)
6Aspiration - I will take my kingdom back. (Any)

1I will retake my dominion if it is my dying action.
2I owe my life to those who took me in when I escaped.
3I must prevent the uprising of tyranny.
4I will protect my people, if from the shadows.
5My family is still alive somewhere. I must ensure their safety.
6I must have a successor to continue my royal line.

1I still suffer nightmares and visions of the moment my life crumbled to pieces.
2In retrospect, I was a terrible ruler, not fit for the throne. I can't forgive myself.
3I am paranoid about my enemies coming to finish me. I can't trust anyone.
4I haven't learned anything from my downfall: I'm just as brash and arrogant as before.
5I judge myself too harshly and fall into states of despair.
6If I see any who betrayed me, their blood will spill on my hands. Nothing will stop me.

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