Gambler - Traits

The pitter patter of dice rolling on a wooden table, the soft noise of shuffling playing cards, the pings and clinks of gold pieces hitting the table: these sounds are like an angelic symphony to you. Win or lose, you are drawn to gambling like a bee to flowers. Are you the type that constantly bluffs, or the kind that doesn't know what a poker face is? Do you spend your nights raking in large sums of gold? Or do you barely scrape by on your winnings? And most importantly, what is your preferred game; dice, cards, chariot races? Or are you the sort that tries everything to earn gold? No matter your preference, the fact remains the same; you are a gambler, and you have come to play.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Persuasion
Tool Proficiencies: Dice Set, Playing Card Set
Equipment: A dice set, a playing card set, a set of fine clothes, and a coin pouch containing 15 GP.

Let's make things interesting

You can convince nearly anyone to put up something they aren't willing to part with (property or information) in a game of chance. Your GM might rule that they will only agree to a game of their choosing, and they may only agree if they feel the odds are heavily in their favor.

Suggested Characteristics

A Gambler typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I like to impress everyone I meet with a simple trick or quick joke.
2I would bet good coin on anything, even simple activities.
3Every situation is an excuse for me to share some tidbit of gambling wisdom.
4I try to be unpredictable, so no one will ever know when I'm bluffing.
5It's not about the money for me. I give away everything I win.
6I'm playing the long con, and every action I take is part of the game.
7I tend to make friends out of enemies, and enemies out of friends.
8I gambled big and lost. Never again.

1Risk - Nothing is worth doing if it's a sure thing. (Chaotic)
2Victory - I'll never make a bet unless I'm sure I can win. (Lawful)
3Greed - Anything that isn't mine soon will be. (Evil)
4Joy - Everyone would be much happier if they pulled up a chair, had a drink, and played a few hands. (Good).
5Surprise - Life is worth living because I'm never know how the dice will land. (Any)
6The Game - Every moment of my life I have to make a choice. I'll never stop playing. (Any)

1I owe a lot of money to the wrong kind of people.
2My greatest opponent is my best friend. We always know when the other is bluffing.
3I have to win big to send money home to my family, even if I can never see them again.
4I won big against a member of the noble family, but they didn't take it personally. Now I'm teaching them how to play like a professional in secret.
5I promised my parents I would stop taking chances. We'll see how long that lasts.
6I hide my gambling behind a normal life. My friends have no idea who I really am.

1I can't step away from the table while I'm losing.
2Coin doesn't last long in my pocket. I have to risk it or spend it.
3Everyone has a price. Mine happens to be pretty low.
4If I find someone smarter than me, I have to take them down.
5I would rather lose honestly than lie to win.
6I like to think I could drink anyone under the table, but really I'm a lightweight.

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