Fletcher - Traits

You are skilled in making bows and arrows but you are especially good at making:

Skill Level

Fletcher - Specialties

Skill Proficiencies: Survival, Nature
Languages: Elvish
Tool Proficiencies:
Equipment: A set of work clothes, a felling ax, five splitter wedges, a pair of thick leather gloves, 10 pieces of chalk, a waterskin, and a hammer, and a coin pouch containing 15 GP.

Woodland Wanderer

Being accustomed to wandering through forest and woodlands, you have a keen sense of direction. When you are in a forest area you have an advantage on Survival Checks to either find your way through the forest, track a person or woodland creature, or find your way out of the forest. You also have an advantage on Nature Checks when determining the species of a tree or woodland plant.

Suggested Characteristics

A Fletcher typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I like to talk at length to people about the art of felling a tree, whether they are interested or not!
2The woods are my home. I dare not stray too far from them.
3I take pride in my workmanship doing the best I possibly can.
4I can only ever have a smile on my bearded face.
5I'll beat anyone at a wood chopping contest. Anyone! (Cockiness to the point of arrogance)
6I'm just a Woodcutter, I didn't ask to be a hero.
7The best two things in the world are the smell of chopped oak and the taste of a fine ale.
8I will defend my masculinity to the extent of other's thinking I'm insecure.

1Nature - Just like trees, people live and people die. It's the law of the land. (Lawful)
2Life - A tree must be chopped at the right time. You wouldn't pull a sapling from the ground. (Good)
3Seasons - Winter is the season of the dead, Spring is the season of life. I'm somewhere in between. (Any)
4Domination - I am the ruler of the woods. Everything in it life beneath my boot or beneath my ax! (Evil)
5Wild - Some times you just have to let things live. Let them grow and see where nature takes them. (Chaotic)
6Self-Betterment - I'm just trying to be the best I can be. And do what's best for me. (Neutral)

1Everything I carry on my person is all I have. I wont part from any of it.
2The Woods are my home. I will not venture far from them.
3I do everything I do, to raise gold for my family.
4I live in the forest chopping wood to hide from my past.
5Fletching is a time honored tradition passed down the family line. I won't break tradition.
6I yearn to explore, to see how many kinds of tree there are in the world.

1I speak with my ax, when the time calls for it.
2I have a bad habit of going chopping after having a few pints.
3Sometimes I sell bad wood to people who don't know better.
4I am overly protective of my land, my woods and my trees.
5My masculinity means everything to me.
6Women love a man with a thick beard. And I love the women.