Detective - Traits

Crime is everywhere, and its your job to search it out. High and low, near and far, you will pursue it to the strangest places you can find.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Investigation
Languages: Thieves' Cant
Tool Proficiencies: Thieves' Tools
Equipment: A set of thieves' tools, a dossier on local criminals, a set of dark common clothes, a letter of employment from a local official, and a coin pouch containing 15 GP.

Eagle Eye

Years of hunting criminals has trained you to have an eye for noticing the tiniest detail. When you focus in you can learn things about a crime scene that others would walk by without noticing. You have advantage for Investigation of city crime scenes and other similar situations.

Suggested Characteristics

A Detective typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I desire to see others thrive and work hard to help them to succeed.
2I'm the foremost detective. When someone else tries to hone in on my turf I have to remind them who is who.
3I've found that great detectives spend almost all of their time listening and watching. Some people think I'm shy, but really I've trained myself to be quiet.
4I focus on making friends and building relationships. When there is something I don't know, I know who will.
5I search for the truth. No distance is to great.
6I have those that I love to protect. I need to do a good job.
7I lead by example. First in in the morning and last out at night. When I set my mind to a task, the task is as good as done.
8Life is a journey that is taken one step at a time. I will enjoy those steps, but not worry about where the path leads.

1Power - Nothing quite like a bright light shining into a terrified face. (Evil)
2Honor - It's not just about what I accomplish, but also about how I accomplish it. (Lawful)
3Success - The job needs done, it doesn't matter how, just get it done. (Chaotic)
4Others - My job is to protect and to serve. (Good)
5Passion - Whatever I do I do with my all. (Any)
6Paperwork - Dot those Is and cross those Ts. It doesn't matter how long this takes, it will be by the book! (Lawful)

1When I was little my <span class="generate" data-recurrance="never" data-FID="ipN82HOcOq3GsHYx" data-UGFLinkReference="tAtA1522">Random - Family Member</span> was the victim of a brutal crime. I will stop at nothing to track down the perpetrator and make him/her suffer.
2I love my city and will see its streets safe for anyone to walk down at any time.
3I need to make up for the crimes of my youth. As evil as I was then, I need to be good now.
4I let someone go that I believed was guilty because I was not sure. He killed three people that night. I will never make that mistake again.
5I lost my whole family. All that I have to remember them by is this <span class="generate" data-recurrance="never" data-FID="hpVYJd37peuHNUlO" data-UGFLinkReference="tAtA1492">Random - Trinket</span> .
6I will follow the evidence wherever it leads, even to embarrassing or politically unstable places.

1I have spent so much time with criminals that they are starting to rub off on me... I can be easily bribed.
2To gain the trust of a criminal informant I committed an illegal action. This action is so evil that if it is ever discovered it will cause me significant difficulties.
3My parents cast a huge shadow and anywhere I go people have high expectations of you. If I bring shame on the family, they will respond against me.
4When I focus in on details I loose sight of the whole. When investigating I may be able to notice the tiniest scratches and scrapes, but I might miss the guy with a knife walking up behind me.
5I am so good at my job that the head of the guard of my home city got jealous. He framed me and ran me out of town.
6I have studied betrayals so often that I inherently don't trust all but my inmost circle... they I watch continually expecting betrayal.