Curator - Traits

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and my eye is exquisite at it. Where it rests, it pulls the beautiful and exotic out of the mundane. I can see the meaning behind obscure works and finesse out riddles the artists hid within.

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Persuasion
Languages: Choice
Tool Proficiencies: Painter's Supplies
Equipment: A set of painter's supplies, a signet ring, a client list, a set of fine clothes, and a coin pouch containing 15 GP.

Artist's Eye

Some people just know what will sell and who it will sell to. Years of experience has taught you how to seek out patrons of the arts and how to increase the values of such items in their sight.

You have advantage on Investigation checks to find a buyer and Persuasion to negotiate prices for artwork and jewelry.

Suggested Characteristics

A Curator typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I desire to see others thrive and work hard to help them to succeed.
2I like to joke around and tell stories.
3I am one with myself. I strive for balance in all things. I work hard but play just as hard.
4I take notes about everyone and everything I encounter everywhere I go. You never know what you will have to sell next, best to know all of the possible buyers.
5I freely offer my knowledge to those who wish to learn, and I encourage those I know to do so as well.
6I enjoy your gold a lot.
7I give everybody the respect they deserve, even if they threaten my life.
8I take pride in my workmanship doing the best I possibly can.

1Simplicity - A simple way of life: If it ain't broke don't fix it. (Lawful)
2Power - I influence others to get my own way, even if it means tricking them into hurting themselves. (Evil)
3Greater Good - No matter the circumstances, I am expected to protect those who cannot protect themselves. (Good)
4Boredom - Get me away from this boring life! (Chaotic)
5Aspiration - I want to make something of myself. (Any)
6Self-Knowledge - If I know myself, there is nothing left to know. (Neutral)

1I must prevent the relics of the past from falling into the hands of thieves and looters.
2I promised my parents I would stop taking chances. We'll see how long that lasts.
3I seek a cure to a mysterious disease that afflicts my <span class="generate" data-recurrance="never" data-FID="ipN82HOcOq3GsHYx" data-UGFLinkReference="tAtA1522">Random - Family Member</span> .
4I was picked on growing up for being a bookworm. It was worth it then, and it is worth it now.
5All I am trying to do is provide for my family.
6I have been separated from a loved one for a long time. All I have left is their <span class="generate" data-recurrance="never" data-FID="hpVYJd37peuHNUlO" data-UGFLinkReference="tAtA1492">Random - Trinket</span> .

1I have crippling debts that my work barely pays it off.
2I am pompous and insist on a rich lifestyle even if I struggle to be able to afford it.
3The mere mention of gold throws all my judgment out the window.
4I can never turn down a chance to gamble.
5I can be bribed easily; a few gold here, please...
6For a painting or statue of exceeding workmanship I will take great risks. It deserves to be where it will be appreciated.