Blacksmith - Traits

You are a craftsman of the forge. You have many skills but have specialized in creating:

Blacksmith - Specialties

You have a skill level of:

Skill Level

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Sleight of Hand
Languages: Dwarvish
Tool Proficiencies: Smith's Tools
Equipment: A hammer, a set of singed common clothes, all metal weapons you gain from your class you made yourself, a set of smith's tools, and a coin-purse containing 15 GP.

Forger's Fire

You have spent your whole life with the forge. When you roll for creating an item in a forge you have an advantage.

Forging Items

Suggested Characteristics

A Blacksmith typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1You are a workman who dives deeply into your work. Whatever you focus on is all there is, you loose sight of everything else.
2You do not like being disturbed from a task and tend to lash out against whoever disturbed you. Sometimes you even hit them before realizing they are a friend.
3You are a calm person normally, but if someone threatens your friends or family they will encounter a passionate fury that outshines the sun.
4You are fascinated by things you do not understand and seek out how they work. When you encounter a newfangled thing you long to get back to your forge and try to make one like it.
5You enjoy working for those who ask you nicely but to those who think they can order you to do something they have another thing coming! The stronger the command the deeper you dig your heals in.
6Although you grew up in the forge, you have wanderlust and seek adventure. Exploring the city has not been enough to do more than wet your appetite, you want to see what the adventurers in the taverns speak of.
7You potential beauty in broken and shattered things. You enjoy reforging metal from broken pots and pans and turning them into something beautiful.
8You despise death and bloodshed, but understand the need for self-defense. You are careful about who you sell weapons to because you do not want them to be used lightly.

1Quality - Everything I make and do must be the best I can do. (Lawful)
2Purity - Just as I try to keep my metal pure from imperfections, I try to keep my life above reproach. (Good)
3Honor - A man is only as good as his word, I will back mine with my life. This means I must be careful of the promises I make because it is almost impossible to break one. (Lawful)
4Energy - The dancing of the flames in the forge also dances in my heart. I love to expend energy and do things, even if they are unexpected. Who knows where I will go? (Chaotic)
5Power - With greater weapons comes greater power. As I get better I will fashion an army and all will fear me. (Evil)
6Discipline - I work hard and whatever I set out to do I accomplish. From the forge to life I excel at everything I try. (Any)

1The forge have been in my family for generations. I would rather die defending it than abandon that forge.
2My forgers hammer is a relic from a long lost age. There is nothing else its equal and it has been in my family for as long as they can remember.
3I have an elegant locket which hides a fine key in a tiny hidden compartment. I don't know why my <span class="generate" data-recurrance="never" data-FID="ipN82HOcOq3GsHYx" data-UGFLinkReference="tAtA1522">Random - Family Member</span> gave it to me but I will seek that answer no matter how long it takes.
4I have a best friend that you grew up with. He has saved my life more times than I can count and I have saved his several times. I have not seen him in a few years but long to be reunited. (work with GM to create this npc)
5My family has lived in the same city since it was founded. In many ways this is our city. Whenever I am away I long to return.
6My regular patron's need me for regular repairs and assignments. I want to be there to help them out.

1I have deep roots with my forge and my city and will only leave them under extreme duress.
2I may be slow to anger but once someone has made me angry it is almost impossible to calm me down. In the heat of the moment I often do things I would normally not do.
3I am loyal to my king and will follow orders from him almost blindly.
4I love the challenge of an assignment and will work for free if they have interesting metals or designs for me to try out.
5I am pompous and insist on a rich lifestyle even if I struggle to be able to afford it.
6I love my dice and almost never turn down an opportunity to gamble.