Artist - Traits

I have spent my whole life in art. Some say I was born with a paintbrush in one hand and a quill in another. For whatever reason I love things of beauty. When I see something beautiful I want to help others to see it as well, so I paint, I sculpt, I create and they see. They are inspired and that gives me joy. Why did I first start in art? What is my favorite medium? What types of things do I depict? What is beautiful to me? What is ugly?

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Investigation
Languages: Elvish
Tool Proficiencies: Painter's Supplies
Equipment: A set of painter's supplies, a set of common clothes, pocket sized portrait of your family, and a belt pouch containing 15 GP.

Eye for Beauty

After years spent shaping art you have a pretty good sense of what people think is beautiful and who you can sell it to. You have advantage on checks to make pieces of art and on History checks to remember potential buyers.

Suggested Characteristics

An artist typically has the following characteristics. Feel free to modify or write your own to give your character even more flavor.

d8Personality Trait
1I try to be unpredictable, so no one will ever know what I'm going to create next. My creativity requires that I often live outside of the box.
2I look at the ceiling every time I enter a room. Some of the greatest open places to paint are on the ceilings. Few people think of decorating them so they end up being huge pallets that I can fill with art.
3If I must live this life I will truly LIVE. There is no reason for me to worry about what I'll eat, or where I'll live. Those things will take care of themselves. What really matters to me is doing what I love. My artwork is its own reward.
4My journeys have taken me far and wide searching for the greatest subjects to paint and sculpt. I am more accustomed to life on the road or underground than in a settlement or my actual "home".
5I am constantly plotting revenge, coming up with and discarding ridiculous plots. Some of my most ridiculous end up making paintings and statues which no one ever sees coming.
6Drinking on the job is never a problem. It adds a flair of inspiration that I find stunning... even if most people are too naive to recognize it.
7I understand that sometimes a little bit of flirting goes a long way. When I have a piece to sell a wink and a smile can often close the deal.
8I like to study how other people act, to see if they might be hiding secrets, like I am.

1Hard Work - A labor of love is a purpose and meaning. (Lawful)
2Betterment - By studying the mistakes of our elders, we might prevent the mistakes of our children. (Good)
3Brutality - I may be weak myself, but that has led to my art taking on a dark form representing the things I wish I could do to my enemies. (Evil)
4Greed - Anything that isn't mine soon will be. (Evil)
5A Simple Way of Life - If it ain't broke, don't fix it! (Neutral)
6Mirth - If I don't laugh, I will cry. So I laugh at everything. (Any)

1I was really close to my <span class="generate" data-recurrance="never" data-FID="ipN82HOcOq3GsHYx" data-UGFLinkReference="tAtA1522">Random - Family Member</span>. They died a few years ago and all I have to remember them is this <span class="generate" data-recurrance="never" data-FID="hpVYJd37peuHNUlO" data-UGFLinkReference="tAtA1492">Random - Trinket</span> .
2I have been separated from a loved one for a long time. All I have left is their <span class="generate" data-recurrance="never" data-FID="hpVYJd37peuHNUlO" data-UGFLinkReference="tAtA1492">Random - Trinket</span>.
3I'm trying to pay off an old debt I owe to my master. She taught me the trade and helped me become established.
4I am in love with someone far richer than I am.
5As a child, a guard gave their life to protect me from a monster. If it came to it, I'd be willing to do the same.
6Seeing the world is as valuable as gold, I must see it all. It is my joy to capture these foreign beauties in my artwork so that the entire world can enjoy them as much as I have, even if they cannot see them in person.

1I despise human suffering. I would rather eat beans and rice with the poorest on the streats than live in a plush house by myself.
2I'm willing to try anything I think will be a good time.
3I believe in and obey my nation's nobility blindly. Their requests for artwork have led to some odd creations.
4I have studied betrayals so often that I inherently don't trust all but my inmost circle... they I watch continually expecting betrayal.
5Someone powerful would do anything to have my head, so I seek to gain her head first.
6I care only for my own authority.